Built for tape light measuring 12mm wide or less, the Baseboard extrusion is the perfect solution for bringing style and elegance to floor and baseboard lighting. Illuminating floors and walkways with the baseboard itself creates captivating lighting that is not only interesting to look at, but is also extremely functional.

  • Made of lightweight double anodized aluminum
  • Frosted lens protects light source while evenly diffusing light
  • Hidden sightlines for seemless visuals
  • Aluminum provides excellent heat dissipation
  • End caps available for a tailored look
  • Compatible with Trulux tape light measuring 12mm wide or less

2M Baseboard Extrusion / Aluminum / White Finish


2M Baseboard frosted polycarbonate lens (approx. 78% light transmission)


Baseboard Stainless Steel Endcap (Bag of 2)